Uali in the Spotlight of Cleantech Innovation: Interview with Ian Bogado at the Energy Tech Summit


At the vibrant setting of the Energy Tech Summit, Ian Bogado, CEO of Uali, shared visions and perspectives outlining Uali's fundamental role in the global cleantech landscape with the BBVA team. The conversation highlighted how Uali is addressing global issues with innovative solutions for real clients, driven by the combination of drones and artificial intelligence.

Uali in the Spotlight of Cleantech Innovation: Interview with Ian Bogado at the Energy Tech Summit

Bogado illuminated how Uali is tackling the challenge of monitoring facilities in remote areas, essential for renewable energy production. The company's vision is to transform repetitive and manually intensive tasks into efficient and automated processes, paving the way for a smoother transition to clean and sustainable energy.

A key reflection from the CEO was the importance of scalability in the cleantech world;

“In a sector where projects can take years to develop, Uali is leading the way towards agile and global solutions, essential for addressing large-scale climate challenges.”

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The interview also highlighted the critical role of financing in the growth of cleantech startups. Bogado shared experiences on how Uali has secured capital and the importance of collaborations with financial entities to drive innovation in the sector.

With renowned clients such as Total Energies and a vision focused on expansion into various industries, from energy to lithium mining, Uali is demonstrating its ability to adapt and scale in an evolving global market.

Uali's technology, based on IoT devices, artificial intelligence, and robotics, is transforming decision-making in the energy sector and beyond. With a focus on building a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem, Uali provides precise and actionable data to the energy industry. It inspects the safety of energy assets, optimizing the decision-making process and generating a positive environmental impact.Get to know us!

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Marketing Coordinator

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