Energy Optimization: New Features in Uali's Management Platform


Since its launch, the platform developed by Uali has been a pioneer in energy asset management, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Efficiency and safety in the production and distribution of energy are imperative for the evolution of a differentiated service in the industry, where Uali stands out as an indispensable tool for optimizing operations and maximizing performance.

Energy Optimization: New Features in Uali's Management Platform

The latest update to Uali's platform introduces a series of new functionalities designed to further enhance energy asset management. Among these standout features is a new interface design that provides a more intuitive and dynamic visualization of the data collected by our drones. This improvement in user experience allows for a quicker and more accurate understanding of anomaly detections.

Continuous Innovation for Optimal Results

With asset segmentation, users can now group all failures of a unit on a single screen, thereby simplifying the management and analysis of each asset individually. Additionally, the automation of the criticality matrix automatically categorizes failures according to their severity, allowing teams to prioritize and address the most critical issues more efficiently.

The introduction of the Bounding Box feedback module marks a milestone in the precision of the anomaly detection model. By allowing customers to correct detections, this new approach ensures more reliable and accurate results. Combined with advanced filtering functions, detailed statistics, and image comparisons, users will be able to download customized reports in PDF, CSV, and JPG formats, including overviews, maps and detection statistics, listings of assets, and more.

Uali Platform

After three years on the market, Uali provides its users with powerful tools for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making with increasing depth and precision in their data. We continue to lead the way in energy asset management, focusing on efficiency, safety, and quality of information.

At Uali, we provide precise and actionable data to the energy industry, optimizing the decision-making process, positively impacting environmental care, and protecting our clients' assets. Get to know us!

Giselle Balzano

Product Owner

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