Solar Panel Inspection takes a step forward with Uali.


Solar energy is a key aspect in the energy transition, which is why Uali is taking the lead in developing a crucial service to efficiently survey solar parks with the utmost precision.

Solar Panel Inspection takes a step forward with Uali.

The goal of Uali's solar panel inspection service is to achieve more efficient ground coverage to identify potential panel defects and promptly address them, providing higher-quality and more accurate data in shorter timeframes. This contributes to a cleaner and more responsible transition. Notably, this project was recently recognized at the prestigious EnBW Germany event, where Uali secured the 3rd position in terms of innovation.

This new service launched by Uali solidifies the Argentine start-up's commitment to continuously improve the detection model, especially in challenging weather conditions. By providing practical, reliable, and high-resolution data, it enables photovoltaic systems to enhance their efficiency and operational continuity.

How does Uali's solar panel inspection work?

Cutting-edge cameras mounted on high-performance industrial drones map solar parks by collecting infrared and thermal aerial images. The field-collected data is uploaded to the cloud directly from the drone's base and processed using computer vision methods to detect anomalies.


Uali's drone data is stored on the company's platform, which provides visualization and information management, ensuring the data is protected for future references and reports. Through this platform, access to images, alerts, maps, statistics, and more is readily available. Moreover, data trends can be established for further in-depth decision-making, enabling proactive actions in anticipation of potential future implications.

The combination of Uali's Artificial Intelligence technology in computer vision and drones is revolutionizing solar panel monitoring, allowing for the efficient identification and correction of anomalies. It serves as an effective tool to monitor and optimize the performance of solar systems, thereby contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable society.

At Uali, we support the energy transition by combining robotics, IoT, and AI to provide valuable and timely information that facilitates decision-making in asset management, saving time, costs, and significantly impacting the environment. Get to know us!

Amelia Bálsamo


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