Efficiency & Optimization in Photovoltaic Plants


The collection of information through drones equipped with thermal, angular, and RGB cameras enables artificial intelligence models to conduct detailed inspections on each module of the analyzed solar panels. This service powered by Uali allows companies and operators to analyze production losses in the power plant, make decisions regarding corrective maintenance, and support potential claims against manufacturers.

Efficiency & Optimization in Photovoltaic Plants

Some defects identified through thermal cameras require additional RGB images for proper classification. High-definition RGB images captured by drones enable artificial intelligence to analyze each operational finding in detail.

Associated Risk with Bird Deposits?

The presence of birds does not pose a direct threat to asset integrity, as their presence is considered a momentary obstacle. However, when birds deposit waste, they leave potential risks to the integrity of solar panels. This is because the uric acid present in bird droppings can be highly detrimental to photovoltaic modules, potentially causing issues such as hot spotting, where solar cells appear to consume energy instead of generating it.

Bird deposits have shown a significant impact on the efficiency of photovoltaic plants, reducing panel productivity by 0.5% to 2.9%. Bird deposits adhere to the panels, obstructing light and radiation reaching the modules, causing a decrease in efficiency.

Comprehensive Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

The analysis we conduct at Uali covers diodes and junction boxes, whose failures can imply a significant loss of power in the panel, as well as an exponential increase in temperature, raising the risk of fires. Additionally, we examine factors such as dirt, disconnected panels, shadows, burned fuses, broken panels, or cells with temperature differences. All these elements can cause immediate or temporary degradations in the power of panels or modules.

The implementation of advanced technologies in the inspection of photovoltaic plants not only provides a detailed view of each component but also strengthens operational efficiency and decision-making. The precise identification of potential issues, from bird deposits to defects in diodes, highlights the importance of addressing issues at their early stages. By optimizing management and performance of solar facilities, we strive to drive a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

At Uali, we provide preventive, accurate, and actionable data to the energy industry, optimizing the decision-making process and positively impacting environmental care and our clients' assets. Get to know us!

Diego Dabos

Service Delivery Director

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