Wind turbines inspected in record time and without interruptions, to promote renewable energies


At UALI we are very happy to share our recent participation in the Free Electrons bootcamp, EDP's open innovation program designed to accelerate the energy transition. During this event, we validated our wind turbine inspection technology, marking a significant milestone in our mission to transform the renewable energy sector.

Wind turbines inspected in record time and without interruptions, to promote renewable energies

Innovation at the Service of Sustainability

Our technology, which combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics with drones, allows us to inspect wind turbines in a matter of minutes and without having to stop their operation. This advancement is crucial as it not only optimizes inspection times, but also improves competitiveness by increasing the amount of energy sent to the grid. During the pilot developed together with EDP in a wind farm in Spain, we managed to inspect a wind turbine in a record time of between five and seven minutes, saving two hours per wind turbine compared to traditional methods.

A Passionate and Committed Team


Ian Bogado, our CEO, highlights:

"Each person at UALI has a special DNA, characterized by the passion to face challenges that seem impossible. We like to be on the edge of the unknown, which defines both the founders and the management team.">

This innovative and committed spirit has allowed us at Uali to develop a technology that is not only efficient, but also essential for the transition towards a more sustainable energy model.

Our CTO, Amelia Bálsamo, emphasizes the importance of maturing our product and reaching a significant implementation volume to demonstrate the real impact of our technology in the renewable sector.

"Our goal for 2024 is to reach one thousand automated devices and mature our product to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in the market">

In addition, we are focused on expanding into new markets and diversifying our technological solutions, establishing strategic alliances with leading companies in the sector.

The speed and efficiency of our technology are crucial factors in meeting the challenges of the climate emergency. Although our priority is to continue promoting the transformation of the renewable energy sector, the potential of our technology has no limits. At UALI, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future through innovation and technology. **We are proud to be part of a project that not only optimizes inspection processes, but also contributes significantly to the global energy transition**.

At Uali we combine drones with artificial intelligence to provide accurate and actionable data to the energy industry. We inspect the security of our clients' assets, which optimizes the decision-making process and thus generates a positive environmental impact. Get to know us!

Andrés Halac

Country Manager Spain

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