Uali together with Iberdrola: BIND 4.0 Demo Day


We witnessed the power of open innovation, sharing with promising and exceptional startups that propose revolutionary solutions. The event was an excellent opportunity to present our project on the Inspection of wind turbines in motion, developed in conjunction with Iberdrola, the leading company in energy production, distribution and marketing.

Uali together with Iberdrola: BIND 4.0 Demo Day

Collaboration and Results

Our development allows us to reduce inspection and reporting times for various industry assets, in this case, wind turbines. Within the framework of BIND 4.0 and together with Iberdrola, we have worked on a new concept of inspections, scalable, sustainable and precise.

Combining drones with high-end technology cameras, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, our service offers:

  • ✔️ Improving efficiency in energy production
  • ✔️ Ensuring the safety of operators in the field
  • ✔️ Streamline inspection processes
  • ✔️ Promoting a positive environmental impact
  • ✔️ Reducing emissions and costs in the energy industry


Bilbao, where a world-class program was completed and the ecosystem was strengthened with new connections. Andrés Halac, country manager from Spain shares:

“The BIND 4.0 DEMO DAY not only allowed us to showcase our technological and innovation capabilities, but also gave us the opportunity to connect with other industry leaders and explore new collaboration opportunities.”

At Uali we combine drones with artificial intelligence to provide accurate and actionable data to the energy industry. We inspect the security of our clients' assets, which optimizes the decision-making process and thus generating a positive environmental impact. Get to know us!

Ian Bogado


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