Uali present at the AmCham Summit 2024: Driving a Viable Argentina


In a gathering that brings together prominent business leaders, Argentine and American government officials, the AmCham Summit 2024 sparked much discussion. Under the theme "A Viable Argentina," this annual event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina stands as the epicenter of discussion on the country's economic and social future.

Uali present at the AmCham Summit 2024: Driving a Viable Argentina

Uali has been present at this important business forum invited by AmCham for this meeting. Our participation not only demonstrates our commitment to economic development and international collaboration but also underscores our vision to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable Argentina.

The AmCham Summit 2024 addresses a wide range of relevant topics, from the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United States to innovation, competitiveness, and sustainable development. It is a vital space where innovative projects towards a more sustainable future are discussed and proposed.

Amcham Summit 2024

"The AmCham Summit 2024 features the participation of outstanding companies in various industrial sectors, reflecting the private sector's interest and commitment to Argentina's development." Ian Bogado, CEO of Uali

We highlight the presence of distinguished speakers such as the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, the Mayor of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, and the Ambassador of the United States to Argentina, Marc Stanley, who have shared their visions and proposals to drive growth and stability in Argentina.

Likewise, we acknowledge the effort of Alejandro Díaz, CEO of AmCham Argentina, who has led this space for dialogue and collaboration between the private and public sectors. His vision to build a path towards a more solid and prosperous country is essential for the progress of our nation.

Uali's presence at the AmCham Summit 2024 reaffirms our commitment to economic growth, innovation, and international collaboration. We are convinced that, by working together, we can build a sustainable Argentina for future generations.

At Uali, we combine drones with artificial intelligence to provide precise and actionable data to the energy industry. We inspect the safety of our clients' assets, optimizing the decision-making process and generating a positive environmental impact. Get to know us!

Ian Bogado

CEO & Co-Founder

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