Uali at the IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 in Barcelona


Uali had the honor of participating in the prestigious IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, the most prominent event in digital transformation trends and innovative technologies. This congress is a crucial platform for exploring the future of the industry and charting our roadmap to success.

Uali at the IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

In collaboration with Telefónica, we joined a discussion panel on the use of drones in utilities, an area where Uali is constantly innovating. In this panel, we discussed how drones, combined with advanced technologies such as 5G connectivity, are transforming key sectors and offering innovative solutions to address growing global challenges.

In line with the latest trends of the congress, Uali highlights the importance of 5G connectivity in the development of the drone ecosystem. As Alfredo Serret, Global Director of IoT at Telefónica Tech, pointed out during the event: IoT Solutions World Congress 2024

"5G connectivity is essential for the development of the drone ecosystem: thanks to its capabilities such as low latency, high bandwidth, and advanced features, it becomes the key enabler of this new technology."

In addition to participating in the panel, we attended conference sessions that showcased the most revolutionary innovations and provided new perspectives on the dynamics transforming our industry. This experience was invaluable for establishing connections with industry leaders, exchanging knowledge, and envisioning the future of technology. Andrés Sebastián Halac, Country Manager of Spain at Uali, added:

"With the use of drones, artificial intelligence, and connectivity, we can scale the cleantech business within the energy industry."

At Uali, we combine drones with artificial intelligence to provide precise and actionable data to the energy industry. We inspect the safety of our clients' assets, optimizing the decision-making process and generating a positive environmental impact. Get to know us!

Andrés Halac

Country Manager Spain

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