Transforming Location Inspection: Uali and its Role in Critical Event Detection


In the competitive industrial arena, efficiency and precision are fundamental pillars to ensure smooth and safe operations. Location inspection emerges as a vital component for the early detection of issues and continuous improvement in process optimization.

Transforming Location Inspection: Uali and its Role in Critical Event Detection

The Uali management platform features functionalities for inspecting energy production locations and facilities. Driven by data collection with drones and artificial intelligence processing, it has proven to be a highly relevant asset in detecting a wide range of critical events, ensuring the safety of energy assets and workers.

Some key detections that Uali accurately addresses:

  • Stuffing box leaks (AIB, Rotaflex, Hydraulic): Early and accurate detection of any leaks in the stuffing boxes, including AIB, Rotaflex, and Hydraulic, safeguarding equipment integrity and preventing major issues.

  • **Presence or absence of belt covers:**Rapid identification of absences or damages in belt covers, crucial for ensuring location safety and functionality, allowing timely interventions to avoid potential risks.

  • GPM and stroke length (AIB, Rotaflex, Hydraulic): Close monitoring of GPM levels and stroke length in specific equipment to ensure optimal performance and prevent any malfunction.

  • Production bridge temperature: Detection of anomalies in production bridge temperature, indicative of possible operational issues or wear, enabling early corrective action.

  • Skid level: Close monitoring of skid level to ensure safe and efficient operation, identifying significant deviations and facilitating an immediate response.

  • Gauge observation: Provides precise details on equipment pressure and performance by observing specific gauges, allowing proactive identification of issues and prevention of unscheduled shutdowns.

  • Field spills - "puddle" search: Conducts a thorough search for spills in the field, crucial to prevent asset loss and ensure compliance with environmental pollution regulations, facilitating a quick and effective response.

  • Presence of fence in the AIB: Verifies the integrity and presence of fences in the AIB, essential for personnel safety and accident prevention, alerting to any anomalies that may pose a risk.

  • Object identification: Equipped with advanced object identification capabilities such as people or vehicles, detects unwanted or potentially dangerous elements in the location, ensuring a safe and operational environment.

  • Vegetation percentage: Monitors the percentage of vegetation near the asset to assess potential fire risks, recording and analyzing any significant changes to take appropriate measures.

These detections underline how the Uali management platform provides a detailed and comprehensive view of facility health and operation, driving more efficient and safer operation in the industrial sector.

At Uali, we provide precise and actionable data to the energy industry, optimizing decision-making processes, and having a positive impact on environmental care and our clients' assets. Get to know us!

Diego Dabos

Head Oil & Gas

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